PI:  Ian Dell’Antonio

Ian Dell’Antonio has been a professor at Brown since 2000.  Before that, he was a postdoc at the National Optical Astronomy Observatories (1998-2000) and postdoctoral researcher at Bell Laboratories (1995-1998).  His research covers the study of galaxy clusters as probes of dark energy, dark matter, and as laboratories for galaxy evolution.


PhD Student:  Shenming Fu


Shenming Fu is a PhD student in this research group and a member of LSST DESC. He has been studying the effects of image blending on galaxy cluster lensing shear measurements with image simulations, and he is leading the processing of the DECam exposures for the LoVoCCS clusters with LSST Science Pipelines. He has the experience of using the WIYN telescope at KPNO and the Blanco telescope at CTIO to capture the images of galaxy clusters. He is also working on developing a cluster mass measurement pipeline with the researchers in DESC.  His research interests include gravitational lensing in galaxy clusters, photometric redshifts, and galaxy cluster cosmology. He was the organizer of the BASS/CFPU seminars in 2018-2020, worked as a TA for astronomy labs in 2017 and 2018, and participated in Brown University’s Sidewalk Astronomy as public outreach in 2018 and 2019.


Undergraduate Students (2020-2021)


Isabel Horst


Taylor Knapp: Taylor Knapp is an undergraduate from North Carolina planning to major in astrophysics and mathematics. She is published in Data in Brief for experimental work with millimeter-wave DC interactions with organic photoresponsive materials. She has previously worked with the Duke University Neutrino and Cosmology Group investigating the behavior of neutrinos emitted from neutron star mergers and detected with Super Kamioka. Currently, she is assisting in processing DECam exposures for the LoVoCCS clusters with LSST Science Pipelines and is interested in the correlations generated by galaxy colors. She has also done investigative work in the topological Teichmuller space of tori and expressing higher dimensional thermodynamics. Her research interests include gravitational lensing, general relativity, and applications of differential geometry to cosmology. Taylor is also a coordinator for the Physics Departmental Undergraduate Group, Class Coordinating Board ’23 President, and a member of the Brown University Running Club.


Natalie Rugg


Liam Storan


Edgar Villegas



Derek Waleffe: Derek Waleffe is a junior studying biological physics at Brown. His main interests include astrophysics and neuroscience. He is also a member of Brown Men’s Soccer and enjoys to ski and sail in his free time.







Past group members:

Gillian Wilson (Postdoc 2000-2002)

Jeff Kubo (PhD 2006)

Hossein Khiabanian (PhD 2007)

Wessyl Kelly (PhD 2010)

Richard Fishcooker (PhD 2012)

Paul Huwe (PhD 2013)

Van Dao (MS 2013)

Ryan Michney (PhD 2015)

Jacqueline McCleary (PhD 2017)

Binyang Liu (PhD 2020)

Tianqi Tang (MS 2019)

Mengxin Du (MS 2019)

Forest Mathieu (MS 2020)

Patchara Wongsutthikoson (MS 2019)

Undergraduate students (graduation year):

Miguel Daal (2002)

Jennifer Gaskins (2002)

Albert Siryaporn (2002)

Rohit Hegde (2005)

Christopher Mendillo (2005)

Dylan Spaulding (2005)

Stefan Janiszewski (2007)

Alexander Cerjan (2009)

Amandeep Gill (2009)

Nik Logan (2009)

Amy Lowitz (2009)

Teodor Moldovan (2009)

Ruslan Skomorohov (2009)

Ariella Kirsch (2010)

Daniel Munger (2011)

Erik Stayton (2011)

Kate Alexander (2012)

Clarence Huynh (2012)

Emmet Golden-Marx (2013)

Jesse Golden-Marx (2013)

Geoffrey Sedor (2013)

Cameron Hill (2013)

Austin Pfundheller (2013)

Andrew Armstrong (2014)

Emily Gilbert (2014)

Christopher Bonadonna (2016)

Samantha Dallas (2016)

Soumya Ghosh (2016)

Alexander Moskowitz (2016)

Sean Pike (2016)

Kate Storey-Fisher (2016)

Scott Underriner (2016)

Sarah Blunt (2017)

Evan Harris (2017)

Laurent Remillard (2017)

Carl Romines (2017)

Alvaro Zamora (2017)

Jack Butler (2018)

Joseph Fichera (2018)

Cory Greer (2018)

Emily Yaruss (2018)