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"On Task" Book Cover

“A look at the extraordinary ways the brain turns thoughts into actions—and how this shapes our everyday lives.” 

Princeton University Press

On Task: How Our Brain Gets Things Done is an introduction to the neuroscience of cognitive control from Dr. David Badre, written for scientists and non-scientists alike.

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Nobody has thought harder about how the brain gets things done than David Badre. In On Task, he moves from early studies of brain damage to modern neuroscience, from childhood to old age, and from human evolution and genetics to the demands of today’s electronic world. This authoritative, sweeping, and marvelously accessible book is a great introduction to the questions, insights, and puzzles of modern scientific thinking.

John Duncan, author of How Intelligence Happens

In this engaging and authoritative book, David Badre introduces a critical but unfamiliar aspect of cognitive psychology, affording readers a new perspective on human decision making and behavior.

Matthew Botvinick, of Google DeepMind and University College London