Current Researchers

(Top Row) Caitlin Illingworth, Sam McGrath, Gabor Brody, Roman Feiman, Albert Webson, Aaron Traylor, Ciara Broomfield, Cerulean Ozarow
(Bottom Row) Annika McDermott-Hinman, Yanwan Zhu, Madeline Cosgrove, Peri Clayton, Belén Picon

Principal Investigator

Roman received his PhD in Psychology from Harvard University in 2015. He completed his postdoctoral work at Harvard and UC San Diego before coming to Brown. His work draws on a variety of approaches and methods from cognitive developmental psychology, language acquisition, psycholinguistics, and formal semantics. Roman directs the Brown Language and Thought Lab.


Roman Feiman

Lab Manager

Heather received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She is currently in a Computer Science Master’s program at BU in addition to the lab manager of the BLT Lab. Outside of the lab, she enjoys making 3d animations and learning languages.

Heather Yu

Postdoctoral Fellow

Gabor’s research explores infants’ and children’s ability to keep track of the identity of objects, agents, and other entities. He defended his dissertation in 2020 at the Cognitive Development Center of Central European University. During his PhD, he also conducted research at the Harvard Lab for Developmental Studies and at RICO (Universitat Pompeu Fabra).


Gabor Brody

Graduate Students


Aaron Traylor


Yanwan Zhu

Annika McDermott-Hinman

Sam McGrath

University of Bath Interns

Ciara Broomfield

Peri Clayton

Undergraduate Students

Naomi Lynch
Revyn Kim
Francesca Abulencia
Belén Picon
Alexander Richter
Gonzalo Gonzalez Avitia
Happy Ruth Jara
Yael Sarig
Ronnie Shashoua