EnvE Curriculum (as of July 2021)

EnvE ScB curriculum
1. Core Courses:
ENGN 0030 Introduction to Engineering 1
or ENGN 0031 Honors Introduction to Engineering
or ENGN 0032 Introduction to Engineering: Design
ENGN 0040 Dynamics and Vibrations 1
ENGN 0410 Materials Science 1
ENGN 0490 Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering 1
CSCI 0111 Computing Foundations: Data 1
or CSCI 0150 Intro to Object-Oriented Programming and CS
or CSCI 0170 Computer Science: An Integrated Introduction
or CSCI 0190 Accelerated Introduction to Computer Science
or ENGN 0510 Electricity and Magnetism
or ENGN 0520 Electrical Circuits and Signals
ENGN 0720 Thermodynamics 1
ENGN 0810 Fluid Mechanics 1
BIOL 0200 The Foundation of Living Systems 1
CHEM 0330 Equilibrium, Rate, and Structure 1
MATH 0190 Advanced Placement Calculus (Physics/Engineering) 1
or MATH 0170 Advanced Placement Calculus
MATH 0200 Intermediate Calculus (Physics/Engineering) 1
or MATH 0180 Intermediate Calculus
or MATH 0350 Honors Calculus
APMA 0330 Methods of Applied Mathematics I 1
or APMA 0350 Applied Ordinary Differential Equations
APMA 1650 Statistical Inference I 1
or APMA 1655 Honors Statistical Inference I
2. Advanced Science Courses
EEPS 1370 Environmental Geochemistry 1
or EEPS 1310 Global Water Cycle
or EEPS 1320 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
or EEPS 1330 Global Environmental Remote Sensing
or EEPS 1520 Ocean Circulation and Climate
or EEPS 1960B Special Topics in Geological Sciences: Physical Hydrology
BIOL 0420 Principles of Ecology 1
or BIOL 0480 Evolutionary Biology
or BIOL 1470 Conservation Biology
3. Upper-Level Environmental Engineering Curriculum
ENGN 1340 Water Supply and Treatment Systems 1
Plus four advanced engineering courses from the list below 4
Transport and Biotransport Processes
Reaction Kinetics and Reactor Design
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
Heat and Mass Transfer
Advanced Fluid Mechanics
Energy and the Environment
Renewable Energy Technologies
Photovoltaics Engineering
Introduction to Power Engineering
The Chemistry of Environmental Pollution
Fate and Transport of Environmental Contaminants
Or any other course approved by the concentration advisor
4. Capstone Design 2 1
ENGN 1150
Environmental Engineering Design
* Students must also take four courses in the humanities and social sciences.
Total Credits 21