Dissociation of Perception and Action in Kanizsa’s Compression Illusion

Class: CLPS 1591 – An Experimental Analysis of Vision for Action and Vision for Perception: Are There Separate Mechanisms?

Instructor(s): Dr. Fulvio Domini

Students: Wonyoung Lee

“I feel more confident about research at Brown, especially in Cognitive Science, thanks to Professor Domini and the TAs who were absolutely non-judgmental and helped me through each step of the class”

Wonyoung Lee


This project proposal examines the Two Visual Stream Hypothesis with Kanizsa’s Compression Illusion and focuses on the effect of initial hand visibility. The CURE class setup has allowed me to learn an important topic currently discussed in the Cognitive Science field by reading and discussing numerous relevant studies. Also the CURE class setup allowed me to receive multiple rounds of feedback on my proposal and thus helped me build a stronger project idea.