Shared Equipment belong in labs with specific PI’s with use coordinated by Marcelo Alexandre.

Dionex Accelerated Solvent Extractor

Dionex Accelerated Solvent Extractor (ASE) is used to extract organic compounds from soils, sediments, and organic material. The ASE moves the extraction solvent through a heated extraction cell that contains the sample. The extraction is performed by direct contact of the sample with the hot solvent. When the extraction is complete, the solvent is moved from the cell to a collection vial using compressed nitrogen. Our system is capable of handling 24 samples at a time.

Westco Smartchem 200 Discrete Analyzer

The Westco Smartchem 200 Discrete Analyzer is primarily used to determine nutrient concentrations in water samples and soil extracts. Liquid samples are placed in cups in a 126-position autosampler along with reagents and standards. The sampler loads approximately 300 µl of solution into a pre-washed cuvette for reaction with reagents and photometric analysis at discrete wavelengths appropriate for the analyte of interest. Samples can be analyzed at a rate of 1-3 minutes per sample requiring about 1-4 ml of solution to measure up to 6 analytes.

Agilent Tech HP6890 GC/FID

The Agilent Tech HP6890 GC/FID is a gas chromatography unit that detects and measures the trace levels of semivolatile organic compounds in given samples. A collected sample is vaporized and dissolved, and then injected along with a chemically inert carrier gas into a purge-packed column. A detector compiles a spectrum of the separated components, providing an identification of the compound and a measurement of its concentration in the sample.

Agilent 1200 LC/MS System

The Agilent 1200 LC/MS System is a liquid chromatography unit used to separate and then quantify the chemical components in a given sample. Autosamplers inject the sample along with a common carrier solution into a number of columns. As the sample passes through, its compositional components are separated by differential adsorption. Diode-array detectors measure the passing time of the separated component through the column. The detectors also compile a spectrum set within a 190 to 950nm range, from which the concentration of the component may be determined.

Agilent Tech HP 6890N GC

The Agilent Tech HP 6890N GC with MS/EC Detectors measures the concentration of halogenated organic compounds and aromatic pollutants in extracted samples. These compounds are separated by gas chromatography and the detector compiles a chemical spectrum, which can be analyzed to identify and quantify the compounds. The micro-electron capture detector, μECD has a cell plated with 63Ni, measures trace levels (1-500 pg/μl) of halogenated and aromatic pollutants. It has a detectability of 50 femtograms and a wide-ranged sampling rate from 5 to 50 Hz. The mass spectrometer measures the molecular weight of a compound to provide data to both quantify and identify compounds.

Varian 3800 Gas Chromatography System

Varian 3800 Gas Chromatography System with a 2200 Mass Detector (GC/MS) is used to measure semi-volatile organic compounds (sVOC’s) in soil extracts. This system is equipped with a Varian Capillary Column with CP-Sil8 coating for the analysis of PAH’s in soils using a variation of EPA Method 8270.

Shimadzu 2010 GC with OI Analytical P&T System

OI Analytical Model 4660 Eclipse Purge-and-Trap Sample Concentrator is used for sample introduction on a Shimadzu 2010 Gas Chromatography/Flame Ionization Detector (GC/FID) system for volatile organic compound (VOC) analysis. Our system includes the Model 4551A 51-position vial autosampler that handles water samples and liquid extracts from soils.