We are a group of developmental labs in the Cognitive, Linguistic & Psychological Sciences Department at Brown University who study how children learn and think about the world around us.


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Brown Language & Thought Lab

1.5 – 6 YEAR OLDS

Location: Online and in-person

Duration: ~10-30 minutes

Description: One of the most remarkable things about humans is our ability to take a finite number of words and use them to generate an infinite number of new meaningful sentences. You may have never heard the sentence, “There are no bears on Mars”, but you have no trouble understanding what it means. Not only can you understand it, you can judge that it is very likely true and make conclusions on that basis: if there are no bears on Mars, that means there are no brown bears there, no bear cubs, no bears climbing Martian trees. How is it so easy for us to understand new sentences and think new thoughts, judge whether they’re true, and reason through to related thoughts and sentences? This is what we study at the BLT lab.

Causality and Mind Lab


Location: Online/ In-person

Duration: ~10-30 minutes

Description: Our research examines how children represent and learn causal relations, make causal inferences, and how they understand their own and others’ mental states. We use both behavioral and computational approaches to study how children learn. We are currently running our studies in person. If your family is interested in participating in our research, please click the button below to sign up!

Computational Cognitive Development Lab


Location: In-person

Duration: ~10-30 minutes

Description: We investigate children’s learning in a variety of contexts including children’s understanding of physical causation (e.g., what makes a toy activate) and social/psychological causation (e.g., why people behave in certain ways). Our research takes the form of short, interactive games that are designed to be fun and engaging to young children.

Mind and Morality Lab


Description: The Mind & Morality Lab is a developmental psychology lab at Brown University in the Cognitive, Linguistic, & Psychological Sciences Department run by Dr. Julia Marshall. Because the lab is just getting started, we do not have any ongoing studies at this moment. Stay tuned for more information about ongoing studies!

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We are constantly coming up with new and exciting research games for children to engage with in lab. You can sign up for our email list to be contacted when future studies arise using the Sign Up Here! button.


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