Voting Representatives Procedures

What do Departmental Reps to the GSC Do?

As a representative of your department to the GSC we ask that you actively participate in monthly GSC meetings and meet with grad students in your department at least once a semester so that you are able to speak to their interests and ideas when the general body convenes.

How do I participate in monthly meetings?

GSC General meetings loosely follow Robert’s Rules of Order. During the open floor portion or in the context of a discussion of a particular agenda issue, any representative can make a motion to the floor. For the motion to pass it must be seconded and then voted upon.

A motion can be a new proposal or a procedural matter. For example, you might move to call for a vote on an issue you believe has been thoroughly debated or to table a discussion until further information can be gathered. You might move to form a committee or make an amendment to the budget, and so on.

While anyone can participate in a floor discussion, only designated departmental representatives may vote.

Getting on the Agenda

In addition to representative participation on the floor of the general meeting, any active graduate student can propose an agenda item in advance of the monthly meeting. If you have an issue you wish to bring to the attention of the general body, please email the VP of Communications. Agenda items will be reviewed by the executive board and you will be assigned a time to present at the following meeting.

Committee Work

A lot of the work behind social events and issues of student advocacy happens behind the scenes in committees. Vacancies for various GSC committees will be announced in advance of the general meeting where you will be given a chance to stand for that position.

Become an Officer

You may also stand for a position on the executive board. Elections are held for these positions every November and whenever there is a vacancy.