Internal Committees

This list is correct as of April 26, 2023.

The Internal Committees of the Graduate Student Council serve as an intermediate tier of the GSC’s governance, between the Council’s General Body, which meets monthly, and its Executive Board. The Internal Committees oversee and conduct a range of procedural and administrative operations on behalf of the General Body, while assisting the Executive Officers in discharging their duties.

There are currently five Internal Committees: the Finance Committee, International Committee, Nominations Committee, Social Committee,  and Masters’ Advocacy Committee. Each has two Co-Chairs (except for the International Committee and Masters’ Advocacy Committee) and at least three other members elected by and from the ordinary membership of GSC.

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The Responsibilities and Membership of each Internal Committee are detailed below.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for the GSC budget, all GSC expenditures including classes, and all funding requests.


International Committee

International Committee provides an avenue for the multitude of voices that embody the international graduate student community at Brown University to come together.


  • Zhaowei Jiang
  • Aishwarya Bose
  • Pavani Narella

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is responsible for appointing and overseeing graduate representatives on Brown University Committees, recognizing student groups, choosing the Graduate Commencement Speaker and conferring awards on behalf of the GSC.


  • Teressa Chambers
  • Chanelle Dupuis
  • Anna Kimata
  • Sophie Higgerson

Social Committee

The Social Committee is responsible for planning, organizing, and running the GSC’s social events each semester.


Masters’ Advocacy Committee

The Masters’ Advocacy Committe eseeks to improve the lives of all master students on campus by identifying the unique needs of these students and providing proper channels of communication to reach professional, social, or personal goals while at Brown University.


  • Saira Amar
  • Allison Ferlito
  • Rose Gigliotti
  • Nicole Haderlein
  • Gulmeena Khan
  • Christian Muñoz
  • Gayathri Sundaresan
  • Rudra Trivedi