Internal Event Funding


Graduate Students or student groups planning events open to the broader graduate student community may apply for supplementary event funding from the GSC. Students should exhaust external funding sources, specifically department, prior to applying to the GSC. The maximum funding that may be requested from the GSC for any one event or activity shall be $400, or half of the total budget for the event or activity, whichever amount is less.

If in the judgment of the GSC finance internal committee the funding application under consideration is being organized by or for graduate students from a specific department or departments, then the department(s) in question must be in good standing for GSC Attendance (see Article I Section 7 of the GSC ByLaws) in order for the application to be approved.

The event or activity must be adequately advertised, explicitly stating that the GSC has partially or fully funded the event or activity.

Requests for event funding must be submitted to the GSC Treasurer at least 30 days prior to the event. In the event that the request is received with less than 30 days’ notice before the event date, the GSC cannot guarantee that a decision on funding will be able to be made prior to the event. The funding request shall include:

    • The amount of funding being petitioned for from the GSC (half of the event’s budget, up to $400)
    • The Brown University Account number to receive the funds, if available
    • A copy of the event or activity’s complete budget
    • The approximate number of graduate students expected to be in attendance
    • If the event is being organized by or for graduate students from a specific department or departments, the department(s) should be identified in the application
    • A list of all other sources of support, which have agreed to sponsor or have been petitioned to sponsor the event or activity.
    • A description of the methods used to communicate the event to the entire graduate student body, which should include at least: Brown Morning Mail and the GSNOTICE (not GSBB) mailing list.

If the funding request is denied, the individual or organization may attempt to alter their funding request or advertising campaign and re-petition for sponsorship at a later GSC finance internal committee meeting. Only one additional petition shall be allowed per fiscal year.

For any queries, please email the GSC Treasurer.