Welcome to the webpage for the Henann research group at Brown University. Our research focuses on continuum-level modeling of engineering materials. Predictive continuum modeling is a cornerstone of solid mechanics, invaluable in the design of devices and structures and capable of yielding important physical insights.

Henann Research Group - December 2018

Henann Research Group – December 2018

Our research focuses on the formulation of new continuum-level constitutive theories for describing material behavior and the quantitative modeling of material behavior through numerical simulation. Some areas of ongoing research include:

  1. Constitutive models for flow and size-segregation in dense granular materials.
  2. Large-deformation, viscoelastic constitutive modeling of elastomeric foams.
  3. Modeling of inertial microcavitation in soft materials.
  4. Modeling of wave propagation and electromechanical instabilities in dielectric elastomer composites.