Principal Investigator

David L. Henann
James R. Rice Associate Professor of Solid Mechanics
PhD, SM, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
BS, SUNY Binghamton
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Graduate Students

Anastasia Tzoumaka
PhD student
BS, University of Thessaly, 2016
Research: Modeling of inertial microcavitation in soft materials

Harkirat Singh
PhD student
MS, IIT Kanpur, 2017
BS, IIT Kanpur, 2016
Research: Constitutive modeling of flow and size-segregation in bidisperse, dense granular materials

Zicheng Yan
PhD student
BS, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2019
Research: Material parameter determination for nonlinear, viscoelastic constitutive models of elastomeric foams

Andrew Bagnoli
PhD student
BS, Virginia Tech, 2020
Research: Development of a predictive numerical simulation capability for optimization of helmet designs


PhD students

Xiuqi Li
PhD, Brown University, 2021
ScM, Brown University, 2019
BS, Tsinghua University, 2015
Research: Large-deformation, viscoelastic constitutive modeling of elastomeric foams

Shihong Li
PhD, Brown University, 2020
ScM, Brown University, 2017 and 2019
BS, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2014
Thesis: Monodisperse and Bidisperse Dense Granular Flows: Continuum Modeling and Numerical Aspects

Michael Jandron
PhD, Brown University, 2019
ScM, Brown University, 2013
BS, University of Rhode Island, 2007
Thesis: Wave Propagation, Instabilities, and Pattern Transformation in Dielectric Elastomer Composites: Application to Tunable Soft Phononic Crystals

Daren Liu
PhD, Brown University, 2019
ScM, Brown University, 2015
BS, University of Science and Technology of China, 2013
Thesis: Continuum Modeling of Flow and Size-segregation in Dense Granular Materials

Masters students

Yuhao Wang
ScM, Brown University, 2016
BS, Xi’an Jiao Tong University, 2014
Thesis: Modeling Surface Tension Effects in Soft Solids: Application to Stiffening Due to Liquid Inclusions and the Creasing Instability

Undergraduate students

Matthew Petersen
ScB, Brown University, 2017
Thesis: Measurement and Characterization of Monodisperse and Bidisperse Dense Granular Flows in a Split-Bottom Cell