Kelsey Scott

Public health communicator with the Roots Community Health Center in Oakland, California

Project Overview

The challenge to be addressed within East Oakland through a partnership with Roots Community Health Center is the lack of health literacy and community health engagement among the African American population. Thus, Project H.I.P.H.O.P. (Health In Perspective, Helps Our People) by Roots, is created. Roots Community Health Center works to uplift those affected by systemic inequities and poverty. Scott said, “Throughout my time in the field of public health, both educationally and professionally, I’ve learned the importance of perspective through the eyes of a project’s priority population. Perspective in communication is all about the lens that an individual uses to see the world. It takes into consideration the language, feelings, past experiences, visual perception, and the environment of the individual. When looking at a community, being able to understand the community perspective allows one to be able to see how individual perspectives blend to create shared meanings and practices. Project H.I.P.H.O.P. will utilize two theories — diffusion of innovation and social marketing — to help restore trust in health organizations and combat misinformation within communities that have low levels of health literacy.”

About Kelsey

Kelsey Scott is the Public Health Education Coordinator for Roots Community Health Center. Kelsey has a bachelor’s degree in Health Communication and Culture Proficiency, as well as a master’s degree in Public Health with an emphasis in Community Health Promotion. She specializes in using culturally competent health communication within the social media space and is responsible for breaking down health information in a way that can be understood and utilized by local community residents. She develops and implements communications strategies and materials that address the East Oakland African American community’s needs and health disparities. She enjoys applying her knowledge of communication, cultural competency, and public health to create dialogue surrounding equality and social justice within local communities. Kelsey likes to immerse herself in different cultures in her free time by traveling and cooking.