photo of kelsey scott

Kelsey Scott

Public health communicator with the Roots Community Health Center in Oakland, California


Project Overview

Different communities face unique information challenges, and one size fits all solutions do not work. No one understands communities and their information needs better than those living and working amongst them. IFL Fellow Kelsey Scott from the Roots Community Health Center in California, explains the importance of culturally informed communication in her HIPHOP project, which is designed to improve access to healthcare information and diabetes management tools in the Black community in East Oakland. 

About Kelsey

Kelsey Scott is the Public Health Education Coordinator for Roots Community Health Center. Kelsey has a bachelor’s degree in Health Communication and Culture Proficiency, as well as a master’s degree in Public Health with an emphasis in Community Health Promotion. She specializes in using culturally competent health communication, and develops and implements strategies and materials that address the East Oakland African American community’s information needs and health disparities. She enjoys applying her knowledge of communication, cultural competency, and public health to create dialogue surrounding equality and social justice within local communities. Kelsey likes to immerse herself in different cultures in her free time by traveling and cooking.