Mark Scott

Chief Technology Correspondent, POLITICO | London, UK

Project Overview

Mark’s project focuses on finding practical and scalable ways to improve data access to social media companies for public health professionals, academics, civil societies and regulators. He will be conducting interviews with key stakeholders across the United States, European Union and beyond to understand how people access this data to track trends and perform research related to social media transparency and accountability. The goal is to provide details on how upcoming content regulation around the globe can be harnessed to help key constituents, including those within the public health arena, create user-friendly data tools to better understand what is happening across social media platforms.

About Mark

Mark Scott is Politico’s chief technology correspondent, writing about the global collision of technology and politics. Prior to joining Politico, Mark was the European technology correspondent for The New York Times, where he covered the continent’s response to Silicon Valley’s tech giants, the region’s regulatory push into the digital world, and the expansion of Europe’s own technology, media and telecommunications scene. He joined The New York Times as its European finance reporter in the wake of the 2008 global financial crisis, and was previously London correspondent for Bloomberg Businessweek.