Welcome to K-Lab at Brown University

Solid State Nanofluidics & Nanoionics

We investigate confinement and quantum effects governing the behavior of molecules and ions in low-dimensional materials devices.

Selected Publications

Segmented carbon nanotube nanofluidics

Probing fluid filling of single digit nanopores via Raman spectroscopy of the nanotube radial breathing mode. 

Atomic resolution in-situ TEM of lithium

Imaging the reversible formation of a crystalline lithium phase between two graphene sheets by aberration-corrected TEM.

Ultrafast Li diffusion in bilayer graphene

Revealing record diffusion kinetics of lithium in bilayer graphene devices by magneto-transport measurements.

Join the Team

We are actively recruiting scientists / engineers with backgrounds in materials science / chemistry / physics to build a creative & collaborative team.

We have openings at undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate levels.

Please get in touch to learn more!

kuehne [at] brown [dot] edu