Domain definition: To know how to use information systems to conduct LHS research and improve patient and health system outcomes.

General Informatics Resources

Resource Type  Level
Health Systems Data Sources for Dementia Care ePCTs PowerPoint Introductory


Using Administrative and Electronic Health Record Data

Competency defined: Demonstrate ability to use data derived from electronic health records and other clinical information sources for research and quality improvement.

Resource Type Level
Baylor Scott & White Health: Building a Foundation for Continuous Improvement Webinar Intermediate
Denver Health: How a Safety Net System Maximizes Its Value Readings Intermediate
HCA: How a Large Healthcare System Is Looking Beyond the Electronic Health Record Readings Intermediate
University of Utah Health: Creating a Formula for Value- Based Care PowerPoint Intermediate

Alternative Data Sources

Competency defined: Demonstrate knowledge about additional data sources that can be linked to health system clinical data in order to augment exposure and outcome ascertainment.

Resource Type Level
Advances in EBI Development for diverse populations: towards a science of intervention adaption PowerPoint Introductory

Data Quality and Management

Competency defined: Demonstrate ability to assess data quality and apply data quality assurance processes, including error prevention, data cleaning, data monitoring, documentation and relevant data standards.

Resource Type  Level
Designing the Research Study: Research Fundamentals Learning Package Module 2 Video Introductory
Module 2: Fidelity & Adaptation of Interventions in Implementation Science Video Intermediate

Population Health Informatics

Competency defined: Demonstrate knowledge of population health informatics, including disease surveillance, monitoring of community health, assessment of social and behavioral determinants of health and geographic information systems.

Resource Type Level
Not All approaches to data are equal: Data-related challenges for pragmatic trials involving PLWD Webinar Introductory

Clinical Informatics

Competency defined: Demonstrate knowledge of clinical information systems, including electronic health records, clinical documentation, computerized physician order entry, clinical decision support systems, electronic prescribing, medical imaging and clinical/population dashboards.

Resource Type Level
Outcomes for Implementation Research: Conceptual Distinctions, Measurement Challenges, and Research Agenda. Readings Introductory
Adaptation in dissemination and implementation science Readings Introductory
The Adaptome: Advancing the Science of Intervention Adaptation. Readings Intermediate