Systems Science

Domain definition: To understand how health systems are financed and operate and how to apply systems theory to research and implementation.


General Systems Science Resources

Resource Type  Level
Essesence of the Learning Health System Video Introductory


System Theories

Competency defined: Demonstrate knowledge of how systems theories can be used to understand how the interactions of the parts of health systems operate to produce value for stakeholders

Resource Type  Level
Dissemination & Implementation Models in Health
Research & Practice
PowerPoint Introductory
Mechanics of Improvement. Session 1: Planning for Improvement-Overview PowerPoint Introductory
Fostering implementation of health services research findings into practice: a consolidated framework for advancing implementation science PowerPoint Intermediate

Systems Theory for Research Design

Competency defined: Demonstrate systems thinking in the design and conduct of research and implementation of its findings within the context of complex health systems

Resource Type  Level
Standards for Reporting Implementation Studies (StaRI) Statement PowerPoint Introductory
The PRECIS-2 tool: Designing trials that are fit for purpose PowerPoint Intermediate
A pragmatic-explanatory continuum indicator summary
(PRECIS): a tool to help trial designers
Video Introductory

Service Delivery, Finance, and Outcomes

Competency defined: Demonstrate knowledge of the financing, organization, delivery, and outcomes of health care services and their interrelationships

Resource Type Level
Transforming Implementation and Improvement Into Science. Session 1: Identifying Your Implementation & Improvement Sciences Question PowerPoint Introductory
MasterClass with Brian Mittman: Evaluating Change in
Health Interventions: Embracing and Guiding (Versus Ignoring and Suppressing) Heterogeneity and Adaption.
PowerPoint Introductory
Baylor Scott & White Health: Building a Foundation for Continuous Improvement PowerPoint Intermediate
Denver Health: How a Safety Net System Maximizes Its Value Video Introductory
Learning Health Systems PowerPoint Intermediate
University of Utah Health: Creating a Formula for Value-Based Care Video Intermediate
Module 1: Introduction to Dissemination & Implementation Video Introductory
QUERI Implementation Roadmap: Supporting More Rapid Innovation and Sustainability in a Learning Health Care System. Readings Intermediate
Using Clinical Databases and Digit Health Technology to Build a Learning Health System and Patient Centered Care and Support Readings Intermediate
QUERI in the Era of the Learning Healthcare System. Readings Intermediate
VHA’s Moral Obligation to Quality Improvement: Ethics and the Common Rule within a Learning Health Care System. Readings Intermediate
QUERI: Implementation in the Era of VA Modernization. Readings Intermediate
VA Women’s Health Research Network: Accelerating Research Impacts and Advancing Learning Healthcare System Principles. Readings Intermediate
Does quality improvement improve quality? Readings Intermediate

Quality, Equity, and Value Assessment

Competency defined: Demonstrate ability to assess the extent to which research activities will likely contribute to the quality, equity or value of health systems.

Resource Type Level
The QUERI Implementation Roadmap: A Framework to
Guided Partnered Implementation and Quality Improvement Efforts in a Learning Health System
PowerPoint Introductory
Health Equity as Foundational to the Design of Pragmatic Trials PowerPoint Introductory
COVID-19 Among Older Persons in Health Care Systems:
Pragmatic Responses to the Crisis
Video Introductory