Structures – Other Cages


A Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Ab Initio Study of the Structure and Bonding in Al7N and Al7N

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Probing the Structure and Bonding in Al6N and Al6N by Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Ab Initio Calculations

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Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of 3-Dimensional Nitrogen-Doped Aluminum Cluster Al8N and Al8N

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Probing the Electronic and Structural Properties of Doped Aluminum Clusters: MAl12 (M = Li, Cu, and Au)

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Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Free Polyoxoanions Mo6O192 and W6O192 in the Gas Phase

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Probing the Electronic Structure of Early Transition Metal Oxide Clusters: Polyhedral Cages of (V2O5)n (n = 2−4) and (M2O5)2 (M = Nb, Ta)

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Chemical Bonding in Si52 and NaSi5 via Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Ab Initio Calculations

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High Resolution and Low-Temperature Photoelectron Spectroscopy of an Oxygen-Linked Fullerene Dimer Dianion: C120O2–

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Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Electronic Structures of Fullerene Oxides: C60Ox (x = 1−3)

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