About Me

I hail from Minnesota, where I graduated from the University of Minnesota: Twin Cities (Go Gophers!) in 2015 with a Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering: Neural Engineering (magna cum laude).

From Minesota, I went out to sunny Santa Barbara to get my Ph.D. in Dynamical Neuroscience working with Greg Ashby and Miguel Eckstein studying the neural systems behind human category learning and vision.

I am currently a postdoc in the Laboratory for Cognitive and Perceptual Learning at Brown University, where I research how category learning, visual attention, and perceptual learning interact to create robust, generalizable visual learning. Check out my Research page for more information!

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, hiking, skiing, surfing, tennis, and general exploring. For more information on my background, check out my CV or LinkedIn. To see what research I have been doing, check out my research or publications pages!



While taking classes and tutoring at a community college my junior and senior years of high school, I met a lot of dedicated, talented, hardworking people. Unfortunately, the community college environment often doesn’t introduce students to research opportunities and therefore many never get involved. Through programs such as Condor Techs at UCSB, I worked to increase community college student access to research. I also worked to recruit incoming freshmen to research through the SIMS program.

At UCSB, I also volunteered as an answerer for the UCSB ScienceLine program, where I wrote answers to scientific research questions from local teachers and students at K-12 schools.

You can find more detailed descriptions on my Outreach page!

Other Activities

Starting in July of 2016, I was elected to served as the Vice President of Budget and Finance for UCSB’s Graduate Student Association to aid in the development of the graduate student community here at UCSB. I really enjoyed the position, and ended up holding the position for 4+ years (Summer 2016-Fall 2020). For more info on what the UCSB GSA has been up to, check out their website.