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The Mani lab always welcomes talented and motivated individuals

Major areas of research in the Mani laboratory include:

  • Adaptive immunity in EMT and metastasis
  • Genomic and epigenomic analysis of cellular plasticity during metastasis
  • Identification, characterization and development of small molecules for treating therapy resistance and metastasis
  • Role of hybrid EMT in tumor metastasis
Postdoctoral Research Associates

)We are looking for enthusiastic and driven post-doctoral fellows. These positions provide the unique opportunity to use state-of-the-art cell biology and molecular biology approaches to uncover drivers of EMT-induced metastasis and identify targets for treatment. This position requires experience in cell culture and molecular biology techniques. Experience in animal models and handling will be a significant advantage.

Interested applicants should send a statement of research interest and an updated CV to our lab administrative assistant Henri Blouin ( for further consideration.

Graduate Students

The Mani lab welcomes graduate students from Brown University. Candidates interested in performing a rotation in the Mani lab should send an email to to our lab administrative assistant Henri Blouin (

Undergraduate Students

The Mani lab is accepting undergraduate students from Brown University. Students should be highly passionate about learning cancer research. Interested students should send an email to our lab administrative assistant Henri Blouin ( for further information.


Henri Blouin in the Mani lab administrative assistant. Please contact them for admin-related work at:




Coro Bldg, 1 Hoppin St, Providence, RI 02903

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