Selected Papers

(Mainly fluids and climate.  Quantum matter papers listed here.)

Google Scholar citations


  • Direct statistical simulation of low-order dynamo systems (link)


  • Topological gaseous plasmon polariton in realistic plasma (PRL) (link)
  • Nontrivial topology in the continuous spectrum of a magnetized plasma (to appear in Physical Review Research) (link)
  • Reduced-Order Quasilinear Model of Ocean Boundary-Layer Turbulence (link)
  • Dimensional Reduction of Direct Statistical Simulation (Journal of Fluid Mechanics) (link)


  • Joint Instability and Abrupt Nonlinear Transitions in a Differentially Rotating Plasma (Journal of Plasma Physics) (link)


  • Generalized Quasilinear Approximation of the Interaction of Convection and Mean Flows in a Thermal Annulus (Royal Society Proceedings A) (link)
  • Fluctuations and Large Deviations of Reynolds’ Stresses in Zonal Jet Dynamics (Physics of Fluids) (link)


  • Topological Origin of Equatorial Waves (Science)  See also these news articles: here, here, here, here and here.
  • Direct Statistical Simulation of Jets and Vortices in 2D Flows [Phys. Fluids 29, 111111 (2017)] (pdf)
  • Three-Dimensional Rotating Couette Flow Via The Generalised Quasilinear Approximation [Journal of Fluid Mechanics 810, 412-428 (2017)] (pdf) (link)


  • Statistics of the stochastically-forced Lorenz attractor by the Fokker-Planck and cumulant equations [Physical Review E 94, 052218 (2016)] (link) (pdf)
  • Generalised quasi-linear approximation of the HMRI [JPP] (link) (pdf)
  • The Generalized Quasilinear Approximation:  Application to Zonal Jets [PRL] (link) (pdf)
  • Cumulant Expansions for Atmospheric Flows [New Journal of Physics 18, 025019 (2016)] (link) (pdf)


  • On the Late-Time Behaviour of a Bounded, Inviscid Two-Dimensional Flow [Journal of Fluid Mechanics 783, 1 — 22 (2015)] (pdf) (link)  See also the Focus on Fluids article about this work by Paul Newton, JFM 786 1-4 (2016).
  • Feedbacks and landscape-level vegetation dynamics [Trends in Ecology and Evolution 30, 255-260 (2015)] (link)


  • Direct Statistical Simulation of a Jet (link)
  • Hyperviscosity and statistical equilibria of Euler turbulence on the torus and the sphere [Journal of Statistical Physics: Theory and Experiment P07020 (2014)] (link) (pdf)


  • Direct Statistical Simulation of Out-of-Equilibrium Jets [Physical Review Letters 101, 104502 (2013)] (link) (pdf)



  • Looking for new problems to solve?  Consider the climate [Physics Trends 4, 20 (2011)] (link) (pdf)
  • Strong Correlations in Actinide Redox Reactions [The Journal of Chemical Physics 134, 064510 (2011)] (pdf)
  • Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics via Direct Statistical Simulation [The Astrophysical Journal 727, 127 (2011)] (pdf)


  • Statistics of the General Circulation from Cumulant Expansions [Chaos 20, 041107 (2010)] (pdf)


  • Fire in the Earth System [Science 324, 481 (2009) [link]


  • Statistics of an Unstable Barotropic Jet From Cumulant Expansions [Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 65, 1955 (2008)] (pdf)


  • Exact Equal Time Statistics of Orszag-McLaughlin Dynamics Investigated Using the Hopf Characteristic Functional Approach [Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment P10007 (2005)] (pdf)


  • J. B. Marston, M. Oppenheimer, R. M. Fujita, and S. R. Gaffin,”CO2 and Temperature,”  Nature 349, 573 — 574 (1991).  See also two popular articles about this work that appeared in The New York Times Tuesday, February 14, 1991, “Warming of Globe Could Build on Itself, Some Scientists Say” (jpg) and Science News, March 9, 1991, p. 159, “CO2 and Temperature: A pas de deux.”

(A complete listing of Brad Marston’s papers that are posted on the arXiv can be found here.)