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Mindfulness-Based Queer Resilience

Mindfulness-Based Queer Resilience (MBQR) is a 10-week, Internet-delivered mindfulness intervention program designed to promote mental & sexual health for LGBTQ+ people.

Currently, we have a clinical trial for a version of MBQR tailored specifically for young gay men, bi men, queer men & non-binary people who were assigned male at birth.

Enrollment for Summer 2023 has concluded. Please contact us to learn more about future opportunities.

Study PI: Shufang Sun, PhD
IRB Protocol Number: 2002002648
Brown University School of Public Health
Funded by the National Institute for Health

 What does participation in the research study involve?

The study involves completing several online research surveys & other study components over the course of 6 to 12 months.

In addition to completing the online assessments, you and others enrolled into the study will be randomly selected* to one of two groups:

Group A

Take the Mindfulness-Based Queer Resilience (MBQR) class right away, participating in live 2.5 hour groups over Zoom that meets once a week for 10 weeks

Group B

Go through a self-paced online health education course & after completing the 6-month follow-up assessment, be given the opportunity to take MBQR-hybrid, which offers a combination of asynchronous learning & weekly live/Zoom support

* This study is a randomized controlled trial (RCT). To decide which of the two programs you will complete, we will use a method of chance — much like flipping a coin. Eligible participants will be told which of the two programs were randomly assigned to you after completing their baseline assessment.

What is MBQR?

  • MBQR is tailored specifically for LGBTQ+ people & facilitated by queer teachers
  • The mindfulness class is typically offered at $500 in the community but is offered freely to you if eligible for the study
  • Receive up to $340 by completing the study assessments
  • No previous experience with mindfulness is required

Hear from MQBR alumni!

ClaudeBenTy, and Joe share their takeaways from participating in the first ever MBQR cohort in Fall 2022.