Music Awards

We proudly recognize students who earned Music Awards in the 2020-21 academic year.


Jean & Francis Madeira Award

For a senior who is going on in music, given by Brown Club of Rhode Island

Awarded to Tomi Madarikan

  • photo of Tomi Madarikan
    Tomi Madarikan

Walter J. Nelson Prize

For a student who exhibits musical talent and interest

Awarded to Kyle Brier and Xiaoyu Huang

  • photo of Kyle Brier
    Kyle Brier

Marion Hassenfeld Premium

For a female student who excels in music or music appreciation

Awarded to India Thieriot and Isabel Vazquez

  • photo of India Thieriot
    India Thieriot

Muriel Hassenfeld Mann Premium

For a female student who excels in music or music appreciation

Awarded to Belu-Olisa Pierre Sarkissian, Temma Schaechter, and Christine Wang

  • photo of Belu-Olisa Pierre Sarkissian
    Belu-Olisa Pierre Sarkissian

Rose Rosengard Subotnik Prize

For excellence in writing about musical topics

Awarded to Nicholas Scott

  • photo of Nicholas Scott
    Nicholas Scott

Coolidge Premium

For a senior for musical excellence

Awarded to Raphael Cohen and Jiachen Xue

  • photo of Raphael Cohen
    Raphael Cohen

Ron Nelson Prize

For musical excellence

Awarded to Kyle McCarthy and Karya Sezener

  • photo of Kyle McCarthy
    Kyle McCarthy

Margery MacColl Award

For a freshman or sophomore who show exceptional promise as a potential concentrator

Awarded to En-Hua Holtz, David Jung, Rachel Ma, Jack Riley, and Andy Zukoski

  • photo of En-Hua Holtz
    En-Hua Holtz

Hope Chatterton Prize

For excellence in piano performance

Awarded to Christine Bernard and Sumera Subzwari

  • photo of Christine Bernard
    Christine Bernard

Mitchell Baker ‘90 Music Scholar Competition

For excellence in jazz performance

Awarded to Maya Polsky and Gabriel Schillinger-Hyman

  • photo of Maya Polsky
    Maya Polsky

Rosamund Winslow Lemaire Woodwind Prize

For excellence in woodwind performance

Awarded to Maya Azrieli and Samantha Halem

  • photo of Maya Azrieli
    Maya Azrieli

David Laurent Prize

For excellence in vocal performance

Awarded to Safiya Rajwani

  • photo of Safiya Rajwani
    Safiya Rajwani

Rostropovich Prize in Music

To be given to a member of the orchestra for musical excellence

Awarded to Rainbow Chen

  • photo of Rainbow Chen
    Rainbow Chen