Current Group

I have several collaborations at Brown, in particular Robert Pelcovits from the Department of Physics. For many years I have collaborated closely with Kenny Breuer in the School of Engineering. I have also written papers with Dan Harris, Vivek Shenoy (now at University of Pennsylvania), Jay Tang, and Jim Valles.


Postdoctoral Associates

  • Henry Fu, 2006-2010; Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, University of Utah
  • Bin Liu, 2010-2013 (co-advised with Kenny Breuer); Assistant Professor, Physics, UC Merced
  • Tatiana Kuriabova, 2011-2013 (co-advised with Petia Vlahovska); Associate Professor, Physics, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
  • Saverio Spagnolie, 2011-2012; Professor, Mathematics, U Wisconsin, Madison
  • Marcelo Dias, 2012-2014; Senior Lecturer, Structural Engineering, University of Edinburgh
  • Daniel Beller, 2017-2018 (co-advised with Robert Pelcovits); Assistant Professor, Physics & Astronomy, Johns Hopkins University
  • Harsh Soni, 2015-2018 (co-advised with Robert Pelcovits); Assistant Professor, IIT Mandi
  • Guillaume Durey, 2019-2020 (primarily advised by Kenny Breuer); Senior Fellow, CERN Science Gateway

Doctoral Students

  • Myles (MunJu) Kim; Fluids, Chemical, and Thermal Processes, 2004; Data Scientist, Carter Immunology Center at the University of Virginia
  • Srikanth Srigiriraju, Mechanics of Solids and Structures, 2006; Academic Administrator, Chinmaya International Foundation, Kerala, India
  • Elnaz Alipour, Physics, 2007; Principal Data Scientist and Data Science Team Lead at Commercial Analytics, Veeva Systems
  • Hongyuan Jiang, Mechanics of Solids and Structures, 2010; Professor, Mechanics, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui
  • Madison (Ski) Krieger, Fluids and Thermal Sciences, 2016; Founder, Head of Data Science, Marble Therapeutics
  • Leroy Jia, Applied Mathematics, 2018; Research Fellow, Center for Computational Biology, Flatiron Institute
  • Lijie Ding, Physics, 2022; Quantitative Analyst, Goldman Sacks

Masters Students

  • Juan Shi, Fluids and Thermal Sciences, 2018; PhD student, Mathematics, U North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • Ajay Harishankar Kumar, Fluids and Thermal Sciences, 2020 (co-advised with Dan Harris); PhD student, Chemical Engineering, Purdue

Undergraduate Students

  • AnneMarie Van Parys, Honors Thesis, Mechanical Engineering 2001
  • James C. Bird, UTRA & Honors Thesis, Mechanical Engineering 2003 (co-advised with Kenny Breuer)
  • Benjamin Herschenfeld, MRSEC REU 2005
  • Kei Nishimura-Gasparian, Honors Thesis, Physics 2016
  • Steven Pei, UTRA 2017
  • James Saslow, summer Leadership Alliance project, 2020