• Leadership Institute students are highly motivated and want to be challenged. Classes should be a mix of lectures, activities, simulations, debates, small group work, working in pairs, etc. In other words: mix it up, teach to different learning styles; be the creative, engaged instructors that you are.
  • There is some variability in writing and reading skills. This is more a reflection of the schools they come from and the academic experiences they have had rather than a difference in intellectual capability.
  • Our students have risen to the challenge of college level work.
Homework and Assignments

Students are expected to have no more than 1-2 hours of reading or homework each night.

Note: On average, it will take a high school student one hour to read 15-30 pages of academic writing, so assign your reading amounts accordingly.

Your assignments should include:

  • College-Level reading (academic articles or chapters)
  • Writing, including the Action Plan Writing Assignment due on the 2nd Tuesday or Wednesday of the program
  • Group work in or outside of class
Life Outside of the Classroom

A Brown Pre-College experience goes beyond the classroom. Outside of class, students will make friends, attend social events, and activities on and off campus, and participate in Brown Pre-College’s extensive co-curricular events and activities.

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