Brown Pre-College and Summer Session
Emergency Contacts
University Departments

Brown Pre-College and Summer Session

Brown Pre-College and Summer Session
Division of Pre-College and Summer Undergraduate Programs
Brown University, Box 1851
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 863-7900 – administrative support and logistics, and general information – compensation, payment dates, direct deposit, I-9 verification

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Emergency Contacts

Emergency Communication Protocol: In the event of a police, fire or medical emergency during class, contact the Brown Department of Public Safety (DPS) immediately at (401) 863-4111. For routine public safety concerns, contact
(401) 863-3322. After you have contacted DPS, please contact our office at (401) 863-7900 and advise your Program Director.

Emergency Phones: There are 140 emergency “blue light” phones — identified by yellow call boxes and/or blue overhead lights — located all over campus on buildings and green areas. In addition, there are 58 emergency phones located in elevators. These phones provide a direct link to the Department of Public Safety.

Environmental Health & Safety Concerns: Emergency protocols concerning natural disasters, such as hurricanes, are available on the Environmental Health and Safety website. Emergency status and updates are also available on the emergency announcements page.

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University Departments

Department of Public Safety
401-863-3322 (non-emergency)
 Assistance with unlocking buildings or classrooms
Facilities Service Response Center
Assistance with classroom space (temperature
control, leak, trash, etc.)
Media Services
Assistance with operating media equipment in the classroom
Student and Employee Accessibility Services (SEAS)
Assistance with disability support services and learning accommodations for students and instructors
Access Control Team
Assistance with Brown ID card swipe access
Brown Bookstore
Assistance with textbooks
Copy Center
Assistance with coursepackets

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