A Course Performance Report (CPR) provides valuable feedback to students, parents, and, on occasion, to college admissions offices. At the end of the course, instructors will receive an email for each course taught, with links to a CPR form for each student enrolled in their course. Instructors are required to complete the CPRs within two weeks after the last day of class.

EXCEPTION: Instructors who teach 1-week pre-college courses are not required to complete CPRs unless they wish to do so.

CPR Guidelines

Guide to Preparing and Writing a CPR

  • Draft one paragraph outlining the course to provide the reader context on the course curriculum and expectations.
  • Keep notes on each student’s work and engagement during the course.
  • Work out a way to gather and share observations if you are working with a TA or another instructor so you are prepared to write the CPRs at course’s end.
  • Keep in mind that students often use CPRs in lieu of a letter of recommendation, and they should therefore reflect the same sort of care in writing as you would take with such letters.
  • Comments should be substantive and point explicitly to the quality of work done in the context of the course expectations.
  • If the student failed to fulfill the course expectations, focus especially on what was not done or was done inadequately, and without drawing conclusions about the students character or motivation.

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