Course Performance Reports
Program Blog
On-Site Director Responsibilities

Course Performance Report

A Course Performance Report (CPR) provides valuable feedback to students, parents, and, on occasion, to college admissions offices. Each instructor is required to proved a Course Performance Report (CPR) for each student at the completion of the course. In preparation, we encourage instructors to:

  • Keep notes on each student’s work and engagement during the course.
  • Work out a way to gather and share observations if you are working with a Teaching Associate or Teaching Assistant, or another instructor so you are prepared to write the CPRs at course’s end.

Program Blog

Each Location-Based Program is required to maintain a blog during the course of the program. Instructors and on-site staff collaborate with students on creating content for the blog, which is shared with their parents/guardians.

Sample blog

On-Site Director Responsibilities
  • Daily program update with Program Director
  • Report any student health, emergency, and disciplinary issues as they occur via the Incident Report Form
  • Track program expenses and program-related staff reimbursements via the Location-Based Programs Expense Form


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