Academic and Behavioral Concerns

Because faculty play prominent roles in the daily lives of students as teachers, mentors, and advisors, they are often the first to notice when a student may be experiencing emotional or psychological difficulties. While each case will be unique, Brown provides resources for consultation and assistance.

Key Contacts for Assistance

 Type of Concern Contacts
Immediate harm or threat Brown Department of Public Safety (DPS)
(401) 863-4111
Student Behavior
to consult on having action taken or for support
Monday-Friday business hours
Division of Pre-College and Summer Undergraduate Programs
(401) 863-7900

Program Directors:
Summer@Brown – James Chansky (401) 863-7905
Leadership Institute – Kisa Takesue (401) 863-7756
Location-Based – Rosario Navarro (401) 863-1014
STEM for Rising 9th and 10th Graders – Abbey Aevazelis (401) 863-7906

After office hours, evening, and weekends:
Call the cell phone number provided by your Program Director.

Academic Issue Undergraduate students
James Chansky (401) 863-7905

Pre-College Students
(401) 863-7900 – ask to speak with your program director

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Class Attendance Policy

  • Students are required to attend every day including the last day of class
  • Instructors are required to take attendance each day. If a student is absent from class, the instructor should follow up with the student by email or in class the next day
  • Instructors should use their discretion about whether the student needs to complete extra work to make up for an absence or has not met the requirements of the course to receive a Certificate of Completion.

Reconciling Class Rosters

Roster integrity is crucial for the safety and security concerns of all attending students. Instructors are required to access their class roster in Banner and take attendance on the first three days of class.

  • You will receive an email the Thursday before your course begins with a link to a Roster Reconciliation Form. On the first day of your class, you will be asked to report any type of discrepancy with your roster/attendance OR to report no discrepancy with your roster/attendance on the Roster Reconciliation Form.
  • When a student not on the roster requests to transfer into a class OR a student expresses interest in dropping the class, the instructor should direct the student(s) to the Info Desk at the Stephen Robert Campus Center to complete an electronic Advising Request. An advisor from SPS will then reach out to the student via email to discuss the request.
  • Instructor checks their roster for the next two days and takes attendance again to ensure all students are officially registered for their class.
  • Any roster discrepancies must be corrected and finalized by the third day of class to ensure the safety whereabouts of the student and to correct student billing.

Accessing Class Rosters
Instructors with an active Banner ID can access their class roster(s) in Banner from mid-May through August 31. Instructors can view only their specific class roster.

  1. Visit
  2. Login to the main menu using your USERNAME and PASSWORD. (If you haven’t done so, refer to Activating Your Brown Account.)
  3. Click on the Faculty and Advisors link.
  4. Click on Summary Class List.
  5. Select the term Summer 2020 (SPS) from the drop down list (do not select Summer 2020) and hit Submit.
  6. Select the CRN from the drop down menu and hit Submit.
  7. Scroll down to see your class roster.

For any questions about accessing Banner, contact Sherry Gubata in the Registrar’s office.

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Class Cancellations

If an instructor needs to cancel a class due to an urgent situation, they are responsible for notifying their students directly (via email, Banner, or Canvas), to arrange alternate make-up sessions, and must notify as soon as possible.

Course Performance Reports

At the end of each course, instructors are required to submit a Course Performance Reports (CPRs) for each student enrolled in a two-week or longer. In preparation for writing the CPRs, the instructor is encouraged to keep notes on each student’s work and engagement during the course. If an instructor is working with a TA or a co-instructor, they are encouraged to work as a team to gather and share observations during the course.

Classroom Issues

Assistance with unlocking building or classrooms Department of Public Safety
401-863-3322 (non-emergency)
Assistance with classroom space (temperature
control, leak, trash, etc.)
Facilities Service Response Center
Assistance with operating media equipment in the classroom Media Services
Concerns about room size or room location
Inquiries regarding card swipe access Access Control Team


Emergency Contacts

Emergency Communication Protocol
In the event of a police, fire or medical emergency during class, contact the Brown Department of Public Safety (DPS) immediately at (401) 863-4111. For routine public safety concerns, contact (401) 863-3322. After you have contacted DPS, please advise our office at 401-863-7900 and ask to speak with your Program Director.

Emergency Phones
There are 140 emergency “blue light” phones — identified by yellow call boxes and/or blue overhead lights — located all over campus on buildings and green areas. In addition, there are 58 emergency phones located in elevators. These phones provide a direct link to the Department of Public Safety.

Environmental Health & Safety Concerns
Emergency protocols concerning natural disasters, such as hurricanes, are available on the Environmental Health and Safety website. Emergency status and updates are also available on the emergency announcements page.

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