Program Overview

Summer@Brown Online courses are offered in a wide range of disciplines – from biology and engineering to Writing and History.  All are designed to be rigorous, active, student-centered learning experiences that reflect the teaching and learning goals of Summer@Brown. Instructors interested in teaching online first meet with an instructional designer to talk about how to create an experience online that reaches all students and engages them fully in the coursework, and that guides them through to the achievement of your learning objectives and the course’s goals.  The development of a solid online course takes time, and instructors should anticipate beginning to work on their course as early as January and continuing to work through early May. For further information and details on course development, contact the people listed below. Program Director: James D. Chansky Academic Program Support: Claudeline Cherry

Pre-College Online Instructor Quick Links

The following links are a combination of course administration logistics and action items that you will need to be familiar with beforeduring, and after your course. Throughout the summer academic season, you will be prompted with email reminders to guide you through key milestones and deadlines. Many of the links below connect to pages describing online teaching for undergraduates, but most links will prove helpful as you frame your own thinking about your course.

Getting Started – Course Creation Process Before Your Course Begins During Your Course After Your Course Ends


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