Interested in teaching highly motivated and diverse group of students?

Through the Division of Pre-College and Summer Undergraduate Programs, Brown University offers a number of programs designed for pre-college students, as well as Brown and visiting undergraduates. Our instructors are predominantly Brown faculty, visiting instructors, graduate students, post-docs, and members of our greater academic community.

Teaching in our programs can provide invaluable professional development opportunities, whether one is just beginning a career or is a well-established educator. Teaching with us provides an opportunity to design one’s own course, experiment in new curricular or pedagogical methods, practice the craft of teaching in a highly supportive environment, and enhance one’s professional development through workshops focused on best practices and effective teaching strategies. And of course, experience the energizing joy of teaching bright and engaged high school students who are embracing the challenges of college-level learning.


Pre-College non-credit courses and programs – On-campus and Online: All Brown faculty, graduate students, post-docs, staff with appropriate credentials and experience, and Tougaloo College faculty are eligible. Non-Brown affiliated educators may likewise propose to teach with us, though preference is given to those currently affiliated with the University.

Graduate students must be beyond their first year of study, be making satisfactory progress toward degree completion, teach a topic from their home department/discipline, have teaching experience or have completed a Sheridan Center’s Teaching Certificate Program, and have the approval of their department’s Director of Graduate Studies.

Brown University Summer Session – On-campus and Online: All Brown Faculty, Visiting Faculty, and approved Brown Graduate Students are eligible. All proposed courses and instructors must also be approved by Department Chairs and the College Curriculum Committee.

Our Programs

We encourage those interested in teaching for us explore and review carefully the various programs, described below, as well as the range of offered courses to ensure that the course you have in mind is designed for the most appropriate program/audience.

Summer@Brown is the largest of Brown’s Pre-College Programs, offering over 200 non-credit courses in one, two, three, and four-week long intensive sessions across the summer. Courses offered span the broad range of academic disciplines at Brown, intentionally reflecting the breadth and depth of Brown’s undergraduate curriculum. Courses are designed to expose high school students to first year undergraduate content, and attendant academic rigor. View more

Summer@Brown for English Language Learners offers courses similar to the above, in two-week long sessions, taught by instructors proficient in teaching non-native speakers of English. Instructors teaching these courses should be familiar with the linguistic challenges their students face, and develop their syllabi to include substantial opportunities for students to exercise their listening, public speaking, reading and academic writing skills.  View more

Summer@Brown Online features a range of courses designed to create an online experience for students that brings together the best aspects of seminar-style learning with those elements afforded by technology, in an asynchronous learning environment. Instructors work closely with instructional designers to build their courses, and then engage regularly and closely with students during the course itself.  View more

Brown Environmental Leadership Lab (BELL) combines concepts in environmental studies, ecology, and leadership, with a mission of developing socially responsible leaders. Instructors who have experience teaching environmental science, environmental justice, ecology, or related topics can apply to be part of a staff team that develops and implements a set of experiential lessons to create a transformative learning opportunity. See the BELL Program page for more information on teaching for BELL (and how to contact the Program Director with your course ideas). Programs currently offered at sites in Alaska, Florida Keys, Rhode Island.  View more

The Leadership Institute is committed to helping students develop and apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes associated with effective and socially responsible leadership. Courses utilize an interdisciplinary approach to explore complex, contemporary social issues of pressing global interest. Instructors work closely with the program director to develop a course syllabus that effectively integrates and supports programmatic goals, including the development of an Action Plan.  View more 

Location-Based Programs bridge the connection between site and course content, offering students a rich experiential learning experience. The programs’ interdisciplinary approaches help prepare students for the increasingly complex challenges of the 21st century by exploring the interconnectedness of the global community and exposing students to varied perspectives.   Current year programs have been established in Rome, Segovia, Washington, D.C.  View more

STEM for Rising 9th and 10th Graders spend two weeks exploring the foundations of one STEM discipline, while participating in programs that promote and support social and academic growth as they prepare for success in their lives and future careers.  The students spend time working on a comprehensive academic project and the program culminates in a final presentation for their peers, instructor and families.  View more 

Summer SessionThe University’s Summer Session features small classes drawn from the full range of disciplines represented at Brown. Approximately 500 students enroll in Summer Session, the majority of whom are Brown undergraduates, along with Pre-Baccalaureate students (rising high school seniors who are prepared for the rigors of first year undergraduate study) and some visiting undergraduates.  The session is 7 weeks long, with the final week reserved for study days and final exams.  View more

Propose a Course

The course proposal process has concluded for 2020. If you are interested in proposing a course for 2021, please contact us to speak to a program director.

Pre-College Non-Credit Courses for High School Students

Summer Session Credit Courses for Undergraduates

If you have further questions and wish to speak to a Program Director, please feel free to email us.

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