Teaching in the Summer Session Program

Brown’s Summer Session extends the undergraduate curriculum into the summer months, offering a wide range of courses from across the disciplines, from those that are in regular high-demand or are prerequisites for further study to those that are uniquely attractive to students.  All courses offered must be currently approved courses or be submitted to the CCC and offering department for approval.

The compressed, seven-week session provides students an intensive learning experience, enabling them to achieve a degree of focus that is for many a challenge during the fall and spring semesters.  Since students have chosen their classes freely and are typically taking only one course or no more than two over the summer, they are committed to the material in a very real way. Indeed, students regularly report that the compressed session, the small class size, the availability of the instructors and the absence of distraction during the summer session significantly facilitates their learning.  The engagement of students, the compressed session and the (relative) freedom from distraction also provides faculty an opportunity to experiment with new material and new pedagogies, and to practice teaching new courses.  For these reasons, Brown faculty also report high levels of satisfaction with summer teaching.

In addition to serving Brown undergraduates, the Summer Session is open to qualified undergraduates enrolled at other institutions and to rising high school seniors.

The instructional staff of Summer Sessions consists primarily of Brown faculty, supplemented by visiting faculty and graduate students.

Summer Session Course Dates 2019

Program Director: James D. Chansky
Academic Program Support: Claudeline Chery

Summer Session

Summer Session Instructor Checklist

The following checklist is a combination of course administration logistics and action items that you will need to be familiar with beforeduring, and after your course. Throughout the summer academic season, you will be prompted with friendly email reminders to guide you through key milestones and deadlines.

Before your course starts

  • Course Confirmation
  • Course Logistics Support
  • Teaching Support
  • Instructor Services

During your course

  • Inside the Classroom
  • Student Support Services
  • Reading Period
  • Final Exams

After your course ends

  • Grading
  • Student Feedback
  • Faculty Feedback

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