We investigate fluids and continua using computational methods. It is with great fascination and enthusiasm that we study, at the fundamental level, how matter flows–from the smallest scales inside of us to the large extents that surround us. In particular, we investigate multi-component flows with materials (including gases, fluids, and solids) undergoing high-strain-rate, finite strains deformations.

Our group numerically simulates these flow physics in a pragmatic fashion in collaboration with experiments. The approach consists of a virtuous cycle to model and predict these flows. By advancing our ability to numerical compute/model these flows with high-order accurate Eulerian (flow-focused) methods, we can reliably observe and study flow features and structures. We use canonical flows to predict the flow behavior. We then extend these models to computations simulating experiments and/or operating conditions. The cycle then repeats, converging towards quantifying the uncertainty in the simulations and flow control.

The Principal Investigator is Mauro Rodriguez, an Assistant Professor of Engineering at the School of Engineering at Brown University. We are part of the Fluids and Thermal Sciences group.

Research topics

Eulerian methods, compressible flows, continuum mechanics, fluid mechanics, computational multi-phase and -component flow dynamics, diffused interfaces, non-linear viscoelasticity, cavitation bubble dynamics, droplets, high-strain-rate flow physics, fluid-structure interactions, high-performance computing, hybrid computing