Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Stephanie Jones
Associate Professor of Neuroscience

My research integrates human brain imaging and computational neuroscience methods to study brain dynamics in health and disease. I work closely with animal neurophysiologist and clinicians to develop data-constrained neural models that are functionally and translationally relevant. A main theme of my lab's research is to develop biophysically principled models of neural circuits that bridge the critical gap between human brain imaging signals (MEG/EEG) and their underlying cellular- and network-level generators. Current projects apply such interdisciplinary techniques to study the mechanisms and functions of neural dynamics, including brain rhythms, in healthy functions (such as perception, attention, and decision making) and in neural pathologies (such as Parkinson's disease and Essential Tremor). We also study the impact of brain stimulation (DBS, tACS, TMS) and mind-body practices on brain dynamics with an ultimate goal of improving treatments for neuropatholgy.

Dr. Jones' most recent CV can be found on her Researchers@Brown page.

Lab Members

Blake Caldwell
Carmen Kohl
Dylan Daniels
Research Technician
Danielle Sliva
Graduate Student
Chloe Zimmerman
Graduate Student
Ryan Thorpe
Graduate Student
Nicholas Tolley
Graduate Student
Rahul Jayaram
Undergraduate Student
Theodore Akpinar
Undergraduate Student

Brown University Collaborators

Simona Temereanca Ibanescu

Barry Connors

Ben Greenberg

Carl Saab

Christopher Moore

David Borton

Michael Frank

Wael Asaad

Shane Lee

Other Collaborators

Alexandre Gramfort, ParisTech

Charles Schroeder, Columbia U.

Matti Hamalainen, MGH

Saski Haegens, Columbia U./Donders

Lab Alumni

Sam Neymotin

Iris Peng

Julia Ostrowski

Sarah Pugliese

Juan F. Santoyo

Carolina Santiago

Julie Guerin

Mathew Sacchet

Maxwell Sherman

Nathan Vierling-Claasen

Paul Bowary

Quan Wan

Roan Laplante

Robert Law

Shawn Tsutsui

Tariq Cannonier

Hyeyoung Shin

Prannath Moolchand