Pilot Study

We’re a team of researchers at the People, Place & Health Collective at Brown University School of Public Health. We work collaboratively with the community and policymakers to improve the health of people who use drugs and those around them and to drive policy change.

For more information about our team, our research, and how to get involved please continue below. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

What we do

As the overdose crisis continues, people in the community are being asked to assist more than ever before. The TAROE Pilot Study is looking at how stressful overdose incidents are for people that aren’t professional first responders. We will talk to people who use drugs or in recovery, peer support specialists, family and friends, and other community members.

Participants will be asked what happened during the overdose and we will measure symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. The study will focus on people in Rhode Island to begin with, and the interviews will happen by phone or video call to make it easy to participate.

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Our Goal

We hope this study can tell us about how people react after assisting someone during an overdose. Information from this study may be used to create new programs, such as treatment or training specific for community responders to overdose.

Our Team

The TAROE Pilot Study is led by Dr. Brendan Jacka. His research focuses on the health of people who use drugs, including access to harm reduction and prevention of overdose and infectious diseases. You can find more information on Dr. Jacka here.

Our Colleagues

The study is supported by Dr. Nicole Weiss at the University of Rhode Island. As a Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Weiss investigates the overlap of substance use disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. You can find more information on Dr. Weiss here.

The TAROE Pilot Study has finished interviewing people but we still want to connect with you.

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Principal Investigator: Brendan Jacka, PhD

Email: Brendan_jacka@brown.edu

Phone: (401) 863-6284

People, Place, & Health Collective, Brown University

Brown University IRB Protocol ID: #2738