Physics department acknowledges Professor Xiao’s service

In a recent gathering of the Physics Department, faculty, staff and students came together to express their heartfelt appreciation for Professor Gang Xiao, who will be stepping down as the Interim Chair of the department on June 30, 2023. The gathering served as an opportunity to recognize Professor Xiao’s exceptional service following the untimely passing of the department’s former chair, Professor Meenakshi Narain. The presence of Brown’s Interim Provost, Professor Lawrence Larson, further highlighted the significance of Professor Xiao’s leadership and service during this challenging period.

Amidst the gathering, Professor Xiao humbly conveyed his sincere gratitude to the entire physics community. He emphasized the vital role played by every member of the department in ensuring a smooth transition after the tragic loss of the department’s beloved Chair Narain. Their dedication and collaboration were pivotal in upholding the department’s mission.

As Professor Xiao concludes his tenure as Interim Chair, he looks forward to dedicating himself to research and teaching. His passion for scientific exploration and discovery, coupled with his commitment to training future scientists and engineers, will be the driving force behind his endeavors moving forward.