Spintronic Immunoassay and Biomagnetism

Magnetic Beads Detection with MTJ sensor

Integrated MTJ sensor and sensor array chip with microfluidic channel for live, real time detection of magnetic micro-beads and nano-wires.

A schematic draw of using MTJ sensor array to detect magnetic particles. More efficient lab on chip design is under development.

Magnetic field introduced by M-280 bead, 0.70e at 1.8μm under 100e external field.

Field introduced nanowire, 0.3Oe at 0.5μm distance, no external field.

MTJ sensor covered with PDMS channel, Channel width 300 μm, height 50 μm.

Magnetic particles in alcohol were injected into channel by syringe pump.

One M-280 bead stick on MTJ sensor, bead size 2.8 μm.