Ahmed receives a Rita Allen Scholar Award!

July 2022

Ryan (Therapeutic Sciences PhD student) joins the lab. Ryan is interested in protein engineering and molecular tool development. Welcome Ryan!

March 2022

The Abdelfattah lab receives an NIH Director’s New Innovator Award!

September 2021

Molly joins the lab as our research associate and lab manager. Molly is interested in learning about proteins and imaging and excited to start working at the bench. Welcome Molly!

September 2021


Adam (MD/PhD student) joins the lab for his rotation this fall. Adam is interested in fluorescence imaging and applications to systems neuroscience. Welcome Adam!

September 2021

Ahmed receives a Searle Scholar award!

June 2021

Lila (NIH-Brown GPP student) joins the lab for her rotation this fall. Lila is interested in protein engineering and applications to cellular neuroscience. Welcome Lila!

April 2021

Alice (MD/PhD student) joins the lab for her rotation this summer. Alice is interested in molecular tool development and biomedical applications. Welcome Alice!

March 2021

Ahmed receives a Burroughs Wellcome Fund CASI award!

August 2020