The Radiology Artificial Intelligence Lab at the Rhode Island Hospital works on a wide range of problems in clinical data science. Our goal is to develop machine learning techniques based on imaging to assist clinical decision making, avoid medical errors and ultimately improve patient health. Some key directions of interest include:

  • Diagnostic Assistance
  • Precision Medicine
  • Treatment Response Assessment
  • Patient Selection for Specific Treatment
  • Information Retrieval from Radiology Reports


The lab is currently based in the RIH Imaging Research and Education Service (HI-RES) and 3D lab, which is state-of-the-art 1800 square foot dry lab facility dedicated to medical image analysis and procedure guidance. The collaborative space provides multiple high-end clinical and research workstations, and serves as a conference space and a computational research simulation and visualization bench inside the hospital. The bench space is equipped with hardware and cameras for tracking, 3D capture, motion capture, augmented reality, and stereo display. Imaging research workstations are set up with a variety of scientific software, productivity, design, and programming tools suitable for this project such as COMSOL, Multiphysics, Matlab, SAS, SPSS, AutoCAD, ITK, VTK, Python, VisualStudio, Xcode, Office, and the Adobe Creative Suite. The lab provides primary workspace for between 4 to 6 faculty, staff, and graduate researchers. In addition, the lab has multiple machines with high-end GPUs built for deep learning analysis.

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