Meet the lab! 


Lab  Manager


Anwyn Gatesy-Davis: 

I am the lab manager for the Computational Cognitive Development Lab which includes the Brown Dog Lab. I recently graduated from Hampshire College with a B.A. in Animal Behavior and Psychology. I’m interested in dog social cognition and humans’ evolutionary history with dogs. Outside of work I enjoy reading and going for hikes with my corgi named Yoda.


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Graduate Students


Madeline Pelgrim, PhD student: 

I am a first year doctoral student in the Cognitive, Linguistic, & Psychological Sciences Department here at Brown. I completed my Bachelor’s at the University of Toronto where I studied Biology & Psychology. My research focuses on how dogs learn about and interact with the world around them, particularly in their interactions with their human companions.

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Julia Espinosa, PhD student: 

portraitHi! As a graduate student in the Department of Psychology at the University of Toronto, my research investigates how dogs learn about and navigate their physical environment. This means I spend my days designing interactive food puzzles for dogs to enjoy! I studied neuroscience as an undergraduate and completed a MSc in Animal Behaviour and Welfare before starting my PhD.  When I’m not hanging out with dogs, I enjoy weight lifting, dancing, and exploring coffee shops.






Research Assistants


Benjamin Goff:

I am a second-year undergraduate studying Math and Computer Science. I work as a research assistant, and am excited to help the lab discover more about how dogs explore their environments! Outside of academia, I enjoy brewing green tea, gravel biking, and competing for Brown’s Taekwondo team!











Samantha Kritzer:

I am an undergraduate student at Brown University studying Psychology and History of Art. Previously, I have conducted neuroscience research focusing on Alzheimer’s disease and epilepsy. Now, I am eager to expand to research in cognitive development and to work with both children and dogs!










Sarah Zylberfuden:

Hi! I am a fourth year undergrad here at Brown studying Cognitive Neuroscience and Literary Arts. I am a research assistant with the Canine Lab helping investigate how dogs interact and learn about the social and physical world around them. When I’m not chilling with my dogs, I enjoy reading, going on leisurely strolls, and journaling.











Ece Yucer:

Hi there! I’m Ece, a recent graduate from the University of Toronto with majors ins computer science, cognitive science and psychology. I have been a part of the dog lab for two years now, and my interest in canine cognition is rooted in understanding how dogs perceive and interpret the world, specifically how my best friend Ruby does! Besides canine cognition, I also work with children to investigate how their habitual choice and engagement in self-structured activities influence their exploration. While finishing my degree, I have also developed an interest in perception, and more specifically, in the role of vision and visual attention in creating our conscious experience. In my free time, I sing, lift and root for the Phoenix Suns!











Toronto Dog Lab Members

Learn about out the members who make up our sister lab, the Canine Cognition Lab at the University of Toronto, by visiting their site: