Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Role Description:
We are looking for dedicated and motivated undergraduate students interested in gaining research skills and experience as undergraduate RAs. RAs will work closely with Dr. Buchsbaum and the lab manager, as well as other lab members and will be involved in all aspects of the research process. RAs will help with experimental and stimuli design, recruiting participants and collecting data, analyzing data, and literature reviews. RAs will participate in lab meetings, including discussion of current research issues and projects in the lab, discussion of the theoretical motivations of the studies students are working on. RAs with a programming or web development background may assist with the development of computational models of cognition and of web and computer-based experiments. RAs will be expected to work 8-10 hours per week including some weekends.

Desirable Skills and Experience:
Prior research experience is appreciated though not required. Students should be enthusiastic and self-motivated, able to pay attention to fine details and feel comfortable working with dogs and their owners. In order to accommodate the schedules of dog owners, students will need to have blocks of 3-4 hours at a time regularly available for research during weekdays and at least one weekend day per week. Experience working with dogs either formally or informally is highly desirable. Programming experience, although not necessary, is an advantage. Mechanical or electrical engineering skills are not necessary but would be a plus (we’re always building new objects for our experiments). Interest in committing to the lab for more than a single semester is desirable.

To apply:
Please send us an email with “Dog Lab Undergraduate Researcher” written in the subject line to the lab manager (manager-buchsbaum@brown.edu), with the following attached:

1) A brief cover letter explaining your interest in canine cognition
2) A resume highlighting your relevant experience and skills, especially experience working with dogs, research experience,  and computer/programming skills.
3) Unofficial Transcript.
4) Current availability. This should detail the hours you will generally be available Mon. – Sun. (please do not include unavailable hours).