As of 4/23/2020, the BrunO2 effort has joined forces with the  vent4us effort (based out of Stanford and Univ. Utah) to form the collective Pez Globo team and work together to develop the open-source Pufferfish ventilator.

Our Mission

BrunO2 is a group of students, faculty, and medical doctors who are working around the clock  to design, fabricate, and test a novel rapidly-deployable ventilator. Our team is working to address critical shortages in ventilators due to the surge of COVID-19 patients. Our design utilizes 3D-printed mechanical components, off-the-shelf parts and open-source electronics that allow for easy use in resource-limited settings and targets the specific performance and protocols most critical for patients suffering from COVID-19.

Our Roots 

This project began as a collaborative effort within the Fluids and Thermal Sciences group in the Brown School of Engineering, led by the Harris Lab. The Harris lab has extensive experience with rapid-prototyping for custom experimental setups and fluidic devices. The group also has a tradition of sharing their designs broadly as part of a wider ‘open hardware’ movement. The call for a rapid-prototyped ventilator which involves controlling a flow was a natural fit for the lab and its members, which has grown to encompass faculty from across fields, medical doctors, undergraduate and graduate students, and practicing device engineers from industry. 

Local News Coverage: Providence Journal; WPRI; WJAR.
Recent Brown Press Coverage: BrownSchool of Engineering; Daily Herald.

An early prototype operating a simulated lung under a prescribed breath sequence.


This initiative is currently supported by the Brown Office of the Vice President for Research, The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, and The Miriam Hospital Educational Fund of the Brown Medicine Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine.

Legal Disclaimer & Copyright

      • Brown University, BrunO2, and the associated faculty, students, doctors, and researchers make no guarantees, representations, or warranties, explicit or implied, with respect to the research or design, or the material on this website.
      • No material on this site is intended to provide medical or other professional advice. All designs are intended for investigational use only. 
      • BrunO2 is working to submit a specific variant of the BrunO2 ventilator prototype to the United States for review under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) authority. 
      • Although no determination has been made with respect to this design, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has declared liability immunity for medical countermeasures against COVID-19.