We coalesce preclinical and human laboratory models to examine stress-related biobehavioral mechanisms in addiction medicine.

Our current work focuses on the noradrenergic system, stress-associated peptides and the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis.

We formed a bench-to-bedside program to facilitate the interaction between basic research, human laboratory studies and clinical trials for the development of novel therapeutics to treat addictive disorders.

Haass-Koffler et al, Defining the role of corticotropin releasing factor binding protein in alcohol consumption. Translational Psychiatry, 2016


Our team is affiliated with the:

  • Center of Alcohol and Addiction Studies (CAAS)
  • Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior (Alpert Medical School)
  • Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences (School of Public Health)
  • Center for Addiction and Disease Risk Exacerbation (CADRE)
  • Department of Neuroscience