The Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship (VBFF) stands as the Department of Defense’s premier single-investigator award, dedicated to supporting fundamental research with the potential to bring about transformative impacts. This 5-year fellowship, accompanied by up to $3 million in funding, encourages exploration of novel and unconventional ideas at the intersection of researcher creativity and the unknown. Vannevar Bush Fellows constitute a group of experts that play a crucial role in guiding the Department of Defense’s scientific endeavors while also imparting knowledge to the next generation of scientists and engineers.

We propose to develop generalized neural networks (NNs) that learn nonlinear multi-operators and can solve problems at a higher level of abstraction and 1,000 times faster, hence developing the next generation of neural operators such as DeepOnet, a biologically-inspired NN we introduced recently for real-time forecasting of multiphysics systems. The overarching goal is to develop new algorithms for biologically-inspired neural operators that can be implemented in the next generation of neuromorphic computers. The proposed work is to develop technology for both military and civil applications.

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