Environmental Geochemistry Facility

The Environmental Geochemistry facility in the Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences at Brown University is fully equipped to analyze a broad range of samples, including sediments and soils samples, water, organic tissues, etc. These shared facilities are available to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as researchers from Brown University and abroad. The lab houses a variety of instruments, including GC-IRMS, GC-FID/MSD, HPLC-MS/DAD/FLD, EA-IRMS, Coulometer, GFAAs and ICP-OES, allowing a range of analysis, from aliphatic hydrocarbons and GDGT’s to carbonate content and heavy metals. The facility has also all necessary equipment and glassware for organic and inorganic sample preparation. For quality control and quality assurance, International standards are used for calibration, and internal well-characterized lab standards are used on a day-to-day basis. The equipment is routinely used by IBES, DEEPS, Ecology, Engineering and Chemistry students, post-docs, and other researchers with access. Training is provided by facility manager Marcelo Alexandre and his staff.

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