Our lab has multiple available studies. Please see the descriptions below to determine if you are eligible.

Research Study on Decisions:

Participants can earn up to $100

Help Brown researchers understand how OCD affects the brain. See if you qualify today. Click here.


Are you an adult with no psychiatric diagnoses? You could be eligible to participate in our compensated study. Click here.

Healthy Adult Study:

We are currently recruiting volunteers for simple computer-based, functional magnetic resonance imaging, and/or TMS experiments in the lab. Participants will be compensated $10-$20 per hour depending on the type of experiment. If you are interested, please email Participants must be: 18-35 years old and right-handed.


Behavioral Study

Address: Neuroscience Department, Sidney Frank Hall (SFH) Room 435 (185 Meeting St.  Providence, RI 02912)

Enter the building through the main entrance on Meeting St. You’ll be on the 2nd floor of Sidney Frank Hall. Walk straight ahead and the elevator will be on your right. Take the elevator to the 3rd floor (Neuroscience Department).

When you exit the elevator you’ll see a sign straight ahead indicating the direction to the Research Tower. In front of the elevator (slightly to your right) is a long hallway, which leads to the Research Tower. Walk to the end, across the sky bridge, and take the clear door into the Research Tower. You’ll be on the 3rd floor.

Turn right, and walk all the way down this hallway where another set of elevators will be on your left (just past the stairs). Take the elevator to the 4th floor. Exit the elevator and turn right.

Halfway down the hallway, on your right, will be Room 435.

Dr. Dersrochers’ Office or Lab Offices

If you are looking for Dr. Desrochers’ office or the Lab offices (not for participating in experiments): Follow the instructions above, except take the elevator to the 5th floor in the Research Tower, and turn left as you exit the elevator. Dr. Desrochers’s office (Rm. 562) is about half way down the hallway on the right. The lab’s office (Rm. 583) is at the end of the hallway.

MRI Study

Located in the MRI Research Facility (MRF): 1st floor Sidney Frank Hall (SFH) 185 Meeting St. Providence, RI 02912

Enter the building through the main entrance on Meeting St. You’ll be on the 2nd floor of Sidney Frank Hall. Walk straight ahead and the elevator will be on your right. Take the elevator down to the 1st floor.

There will be signs directing you towards the MRI suite. Exit elevator and turn left. Then turn right onto a long hallway. Walk to the end of the hallway; the MRI suite will be the second to last door on your right. Press buzzer and someone will let you in. Below is a link with directions and parking information for the MRI Research Facility.

TMS Study

Address: Robert J. & Nancy D. Carney Institute for Brain Science Rm. 424 (164 Angell St. 4th Floor, Providence, RI 02912)

The study will take place in the Carney Institute (164 Angell St.) on the 4th floor in Rm. 424. This is the building with the Brown Bookstore on the first floor. Please enter the side door on Angell St. (pictured above). When you enter you’ll be in a lobby with a door to Blue State Coffee on your righthand side. Please proceed through the doorway in front of you. You’ll need to swipe your Brown ID to access this door. Follow the hallway to the elevators. You’ll need to swipe your Brown ID again once inside the elevator to access the 4th floor. Exit the elevator and turn right. Take the first lefthand turn and continue down that hallway to the end. Rm. 424 is at the end on the left. 

*Please Note: If you do not have a Brown ID then the researchers will provide their phone numbers to you. Once you arrive please call them and they will meet you in the lobby to escort you upstairs to the testing room.