About me

I am an Assistant Professor of Research at Brown University. I was previously a postdoc at Brown advised by Thomas Serre. Before that I received my PhD at Boston College with Sean MacEvoy, and my BA at Hamilton College working with Jonathan Vaughan. I study biological and artificial intelligence.

What do I study?

We need artificial vision to create intelligent machines that can reason about the world, but existing artificial vision systems cannot solve many of the visual challenges that we encounter and routinely solve in our daily lives. I look to biological vision to inspire new solutions to challenges faced by artificial vision. I do this by testing complementary hypotheses that connect computational theory with systems- and cognitive-neuroscience level experimental research:

  1. Computational challenges for artificial vision can be identified through systematic comparisons with biological vision, and solved with algorithms inspired by those of biological vision.
  2. Improved algorithms for artificial vision will lead to better methods for gleaning insight from large-scale experimental data, and better models for understanding the relationship between neural computation and perception.

What else do I do?

I teach a course on Computational Vision.

I organize the Beyond Deep Learning workshop series.

I have organized many datathons and data science tutorials through the Computation in Brain and Mind Initiative at Brown University.

You can find my CV here. Want to get in touch? Email me: drew_linsley [at] brown [dot] edu.