DuckieSky Program

MOOC-Based Drone Curriculum

Funded by the national Science Foundation

15 to 20 RI Highschools



10 to 20 Kits per School



Brown-Based Curriculum

ROS Middleware




Programming in Python



Web Browser Based



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Check out the Brown University Course based on this curriculum: cs1951r

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will this cost my school?

The NSF funding will cover the cost of drone kits. Ancillary supplies, wire, solder irons, solder, etc. will not be covered. It will be expected that the participating school provide an appropriate Makerspace with sufficient soldering stations for all the students.

Will there be any training for the teachers?

 A paid mandatory teacher training will be held from Tuesday, July 21 through Friday, July 24 on the Brown University Campus. Knowledge of Python is helpful.

Who should we pick for our designated instructor?

The designated instructor should have experience with Computer Science and/or Robotics. This instructor must be available during the training session in July.

How many contact hours would you provide for the students?

We anticipate providing material for approximately 45 contact hours. The contact could be during the school day or after school; we are flexible!