I CAN is a nursing center shift coaching program designed to strengthen the infection control practices necessary to protect residents from coronavirus and other infectious diseases, by:

  1. Designating coaches to model a culture of mutual accountability, and
  2. Creating a feedback loop to monitor adherence to key practices.

Coaches and secret shoppers SEE infection control practices, SAY when they see lapses, and SHARE data that can be used to tailor the program’s to a center’s unique needs and to inform quality improvement efforts.

The program targets hand hygiene, masking, and transmission-based precautions. The audit data collection tools (bottom of page) can also be used as a stand-alone intervention.

This website supports nursing homes’ implementation of the program.

I CAN was developed by Rosa Baier, Marguerite McLaughlin, Ann Reddy, and Esme Zediker at the Brown University School of Public Health Center for Long-Term Care Quality & Innovation (Q&I), with funding from the Connecticut Department of Public Health and input from seven Connecticut nursing centers that participated in a pilot program.

We need your help! I CAN is free, but we ask you to share your contact info when you begin so that we can follow-up with a brief assessment after several months.

Contact us with questions or sign up for program updates