Current Group Members

Group Leader

Lai-Sheng Wang, PhD

Professor of Chemistry


Phone: 401-863-3389

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Graduate Students

Jia Dong                       Tel: 401-863-2763     Project: Exploratory Bulk Synthesis

Hanwen Gao                  Tel: 401-863-2763     Project: AP4

Hyun Wook Choi                  Tel: 401-863-2763     Project: AP1

Jisoo Kang                  Tel: 401-863-2763     Project: AP2

Jie Hui                  Tel: 401-863-2763     Project: AP4

Vaibhav Wani                  Tel: 401-863-2763     Project: Exploratory Bulk Synthesis


Undergraduate Students


Visiting Scientists


Former Group Members 

Dr. Daofu Yuan Postdoc 2019-2023

  Currently: Research Professor at USTC

Dr. Weijia Chen 2017-2023

Dr. G. Stephen Kocheril 2017-2023

Dr. Yuerou Zhang 2018-2023

Dr. Zehua Gao 2017-2022

Joseph Cavanagh undergraduate student

    Currently: PhD student at University of California, Berkeley

Dr. Chenhui Qian 2016-2021

Dr. Ling Fung Cheung 2015-2020

Dr. Yuan Liu 2015-2020 

    Currently: Postdoc at MIT, Center for Ultracold Atoms

Dr. Tengteng Chen 2014-2020 

    Currently: Postdoc at UCSD, department of chemistry and biochemistry

Dr. Guozhu Zhu 2013-2019 

    Currently: Postdoc at UCLA, Department of Physics and Astronomy (advisor: Eric Hudson)

Dr. Joseph Czekner 2013-2019 

    Currently: Postdoc at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, the Microscopic Systems Division of the Institute of Physical Chemistry (advisor: Manfred Kappes)

Dr. Qianfan Zhang 2012-2018

Dr. Tian Jian, 2011-2017

Dr. Daoling Huang, 2010-2016

Dr. Gary Lopez, 2012-2015

Dr. Zachary Piazza, 2009-2015

Dr. Weili Li, 2009-2014

Dr. Phuong Diem Dau, 2008-2014

Dr. Zheng Yang

Dr. Iker Leon

Dr. Hongtao Liu

Dr. Huajin Zhai

Dr. Constantin Romanescu

Dr. Chen, Wenwu

Dr. Desai, Sunil R.

Dr. Ding, Chuanfan

Dr. Fan, Jiawen

Dr. Wu, Hongbin

Dr. Liu, Shurong

Dr. Zhang, Hai-Feng

Dr. LEE, Han Myoung

Dr. Dai, Bing

Dr. Kiran, Boggavarapu

Dr. Tom, Waters

Dr. Li, Xi

Dr. Yang, Xin

Dr. Huang, Xin

Dr. Fu, You-Jun

Dr. Cui, Li-Feng

Dr. Woo, Hin-Koon

Dr. Sun, Zhong-Ming

Dr. Yang, Jie

Dr. Xue-Bing Wang

Dr. Leiming Wang

Dr. Chuan-Gang Ning

Dr. Lei Ma